Corn Shellers & Equipment

Sandwich Early Day Gas Engine Club

Sandwich Manufacturing Equipment

Sandwich Manufacturing made many different items including the following:

Sandwich Corn Shellers 2, 4, 6, and 8 hole Sizes

 Sandwich Horse Sweep Powers

Sandwich Farm Elevators

Speed Jacks 

Overhead Wagon Dump 

Sandwich Hay Presses 

Feed Mills 

Side Delivery Rake Hay Loader

Below are selected pages of Sandwich Equipment scanned from a 1912 Sandwich Shellers Catalog. (Images provided by Steve Barr)

1912 Catalog800×600

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Information page page1
Factory Image page 2
12hp Engine (Pre- Sandwich) page 10
Six Hole Sheller page 11
Four Hole Sheller page 12
Junior Two Hole Sheller page 13
Eight Hole Sheller page 14
Sheller / Engine Combination page 16
Belt Driven Sheller page 18
Eight Horse Samson Power & Four Hole Mounted Sheller page 20 & page 21
1868 sheller photo taken in 1911 page 22
Six Hole Sheller page24
Two Hole Junior Sheller page 26
Sheller Kit page 27
Mounted Sheller page 28
Power Sheller page 29
Swinging Extension Feeder page 32
Straight Extension Feeder page 33
Swinging Extension Feeder page 34
Hummer Two Hole Sheller page 35
Hummer with Power page 36
Hummer with Engine page 37
Hummer Two Hole Sheller page 39
Veteran Two Hole Sheller page 40
Corn King Hand Sheller page 41
Cylinder Sheller page 42
Ten Horse Mounted Power – “Samson No.13” page 44
Eight Horse Mounted Power – “Samson No.10” page 45
Six Horse Mounted Power – “Samson No.3” page 46
Four Horse Samson Power No.14 page 47
Four Horse Double Geared Power No.19 page 48
Two Horse Single Samson Power No.6 page 49
Speed Jacks page 50
Twenty-Four Foot Sandwich Farm Elevetor page 53
Sandwich Overhead Wagon Dump page 55
Overhead Crib Conveyor page 58
Sandwich Engine Powered Hay Press page 60
Horse Power Hay Press page 61
Hay Rake and  Hay Loader page 62
Belt Feed Mill page 6