2021 Sandwich Engine Show Update

Thanks for everyone who that attended our 50th annual club show. The weather was a bit changing at times,except for the ducks, but all in all we had a real nice two show. With over 140 engines manly sandwich engine and many tractors on display to look at. There was a working Sandwich hay press bailing hay, that was from South Dakota, very nice job by Dave T. We had our two hole corn sheller running by a nice 6hp sandwich engine. More to come soon.

Sandwich Fair Grounds, 1401 Suydam Rd, Sandwich, IL 60548

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Larry’s ducks are on the move. Keep your eye out to see were they will be next.

Duck sighting at Dickson-Murst Farm

In Memory of Bob Ronning,

Here’s three of Bob’s engines all running at the Franklin Grove show.

Meeting up date;

TUES., September 21 AT 7:30 PM

Our Monthly meeting will be moved to the Sandwich fair grounds north building. Don’t forget to bring your “show and tell stuff”. sandwichengineclub@gmail.com or 630-327-8924


Thanks for your patience. Were trying our best to keep everyone informed. .   We will keep ever one updated, Please be safe. Thanks Sandwich Early Day Engine Club

August Meeting

At our August meeting, after long discussion on the one or two day show for next year, we voted for a two day show next year, June 24 and 25 with the short tractor ride on Saturday morning. Hope to see everyone at the Sandwich Fair The show and tell was lead by Mike Alsup, He walked us through some of the improvements he made on his arbor press. Nice job Mike.

July Meeting

At our April meeting; We talked about our past show and updates on how we did, in-spite of the rain we had we did OK. Next meeting there will be a vote on, one day show or two day show. Meany thanks to all the people that helped put on this event, it takes a small army to get it done, and thanks to everyone that persisted in this years show. Will Slagel lead the show and tell with apple peelers and Cherry pitters, Thanks Will.


April Meeting

At our April meeting; We talked about our up coming show on June 25 & 26. Then Matt and Joe did a demonstration on making a sheet metal gas tanks. Nice job guys.

March Meeting

At our March Meeting, Here is some of high lights form Dave Ewert; last project he did. He took us through the in’s and out’s of poring new babbitt bearings in his 15hp Bessemer. Great job.

February Meeting

At our February meeting, Joe and Matt did a demonstration on forming a sheet metal crank guard with a 5/16 rod in the edge.

Steve Barr’s

A couple of pictures from Steve Barr’s January 1st. shop party. Working on a Sandwich 2 1/2 hp engine, removing a stuck piston, nice job guy’s.

The club got a chance to participate in the Freedom Day Parade in Sandwich IL.

It was a beautiful day for a parade, sunny and cool. It was nice to get out run some engines and drive some tractors. It was a great time, a lot of people came out and were spaced out nicely on our two mile parade route. After the parade was finished Rodger took the tractor guys for a nice afternoon ride.

Freedom Day Parade

Club picnic / Show

As you all know our show had to be cancelled this year. So a small group of us got together on June 27th to run some engines. It was beautiful day in the country out on the farm. We had everything covered from, Tractors, Engines, Food, Trains, and even a ice-cream machine. Thanks to all who came out for a fun afternoon, Gene Waite for the nice grill and showing Fred and Joe how cook on a big, wow, Larry Flickinger and family, for making all of us their world famous Green River Ice cream, for all the members that helped out, and for the Barr family for letting us use there farm for are picnic.

The 49th Annual Sandwich Early Day Engine Club Show (June 27th, 2020) has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and for the safety of our guests and exhibitors. We have been in contact with the DeKalb County Health Dept. and the Sandwich Fair Association on the issues at hand. With the state of Illinois moving to phase 3, and possible stage 4, the number of people will be greater than the recommended limits. On a positive note, next year will be our 50th Annual Show. It will be a two-day show (June 25-26, 2021) with the tractor ride the following day (June 27th). Plan on joining us to help celebrate this significant milestone for our club. We will be featuring the famous Sandwich Engines and related equipment, and for the tractors, Oliver and Massey-Harris and related. Thank you for your support and stay safe. God willing, we will also see you at the Sandwich Fair this year. If you have any pictures or other related memorabilia from our first 48 shows that you would like us to share next year, please contact us at the club’s email (sandwichengineclub@yahoo.com).


Thank you for your support and be safe.

November Election Results: For 2021

President; Bud Forrer

Vice President; Ryan Anderson

Secretary; Steve Barr

Treasurer; Joe Richmond

Director; Dave Ewert

Director; Ray Forrer

Director; Gene Waite

It’s Fair time once again, The club working at the sandwich fair. 2019

Sheller Crew