Attention, May Meeting

Attention,  Meeting up dates.

On JUNE 2nd at 7.30 we will be having a spacial meeting for the out come of our show, to see if we will be-able to have our show? We will keep everyone updated on what the state guide line will be. If you would like to be on ZOOM meeting with us drop me an email at sandwichengineclub@gmail.com We will try our best to get you logged in.

Thanks for your patience. Were trying our best to keep everyone informed. .   We will keep ever one updated, Please be safe. Thanks Sandwich Early Day Engine Club

Our May 19th we had our meeting and it went very well. Will start at 7.30, lot of discussion on your show at the end of June. It was a lot of fun to see all the guys.


Sandwich Early Day Engine Club

More info will added for the Tractor ride for June 2020

November Election Results: For 2020

President; Bud Forrer

Vice President; Ryan Anderson

Secretary; Steve Barr

Treasurer; Joe Richmond

Director; Dave Ewert

Director; Ray Forrer

Director; Gene Waite

It’s Fair time once again, The club working at the sandwich fair. 2019

Sheller Crew

48th Annual SANDWICH Early Day Engine Show

June 29th. 2019

In Remembrance of Bob Ronning